A blog? Why now?

It’s not about getting to an end, a destination, as much as it is the way we walk on the path.

Joe Reilly in “Planting Gardens,” a documentary filmed
at The Leaven Center (viewable on YouTube)

On October 5, the Leaven Board sent a letter to workshop participants and leaders, renters, donors, supporters, friends and volunteers — “the dreamers and the doers who have helped us build Leaven from its inception” — to announce that The Leaven Center will close January 31, 2012. To read the letter, click here.

Leaven has meant much to many over the past 24 years. There are relationships with Eleanor and Melanie Morrison that date back to Leaven’s beginning. There are those to whom Leaven is brand new. The Leaven Center has been a sacred space, a sanctuary, a place of challenge, a place of rest and renewal.

I will never forget the faces of those I have had the privilege to watch as they entered the Lodge for the first time and knew they had come home.

The Board and I thought it important to create this space for the community as we continue to process what Leaven has meant to us — its loss and its tremendous gifts. Updates and news will be posted here, and we hope you will offer your own thoughts and remembrances on these pages as we move toward the January 31 closure.

Leaven’s work is not complete. Still, we as a board have hope! We have hope because of each of you. We have hope that each of you will continue the work of seeking a just and sustainable world for all. We have hope that the Leaven mission and vision will continue through each of you, and that new life will come from what now feels like a death.

From the Board’s October 5 letter

The work is not done. But as Pat Humphries’ song says, We gotta keep on walking forward, never turning back. Never turning back.

In abundant hope, faith, and gratitude for this organization and for all of you,


Karen D. Bota
Leaven Executive Director